Probiotic with Isabgol Sachet


Product Composition

Probiotic contain the live microorganism i.e. strains of good bacteria. Probiotic are found in the yogurt, juices and available as dietary supplement in the form of capsules, tablets, powders.

Isabgol is a laxative and used to treat constipation and causes proper bowel movement.


⇒ Chronic diarrhoea
⇒ Dysentery
⇒ Cystitis
⇒ In irritable bowel movement
⇒ Used in ulcerative colitis

Mechanism of Action:

⇒ The good bacteria present in the digestive tract protects the body from harmful bacteria’s and fungi
⇒ They also send signals to the immune system and helps in regulating inflammation
⇒ It also increases the production of lactic acid
⇒ It helps in the production vitamin K in the gut and increases the short chain fatty acids which serve as the food for the cells of the colon Isabgol moves into the digestive system, increases water content in that area and makes the stools soften
Isabgol lubricates the intestine and increase the bulk in the intestine generates tension and pressure

Side Effects:

⇒ Difficulty in breathing
⇒ Stomach pain
⇒ Skin rashes
⇒ Nausea
⇒ Vomiting
⇒ Itching

Drug Interactions:

Sodium Picosulphate