L-Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid Tablets


Product Composition

This combination offers the synergistic action of ALA and glutathione over the oxidative stress induced from exercise, it helps in reducing that stress and also have other activities such as antioxidant, lowering blood glucose level.
It helps in reducing the signs of skin ageing by preventing the damage of skin through its antioxidant property.


⇒ Reduces blood sugar level
⇒ Slows the skin ageing process
⇒ Improves nerve functions
⇒ Reduces inflammation
⇒ Reduces oxidative stress

About Composition

Glutathione plays an important role in the hepatic metabolism and detoxification process, its hydrophilic portion binds with the lipophilic portion of the toxins and reduces it

Alpha Lipoic Acid-
Alpha Lipoic acid belongs to the omega 3 fatty acids ALA is effective for weight loss, nerve pain, wound healing, lowers the blood sugar level It also decreases the complications coronary artery bypass graft

Side Effects:

⇒ Bloating
⇒ Abdominal Cramps
⇒ Difficulty in breathing
⇒ Allergic reactions
⇒ increase in heart rate
⇒ weakness
⇒ sweating


Contraindicated in asthma.