Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Soft Gelatin Capsule


Product Composition

Our formulation comprises of Folic acid, Ferric ammonium citrate, Vitamin B12 and Zinc. The product is beneficial for normal formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. It is also used for various anaemic conditions and boosts immunity.
In modern day schedule it is not easy to meet daily requirements of essential nutrients and that is why it becomes essential to take these via supplements. Our product is designed, keeping in mind these special needs.

Out of all the anemias folic acid, iron and Vitamin B12 deficiency anemias are common and they affect a large number of populations in the world.
Anemia is caused either by:
1. A decrease in production of red blood cells or hemoglobin, or
2. An increase in loss or destruction of red blood cells.
It is often a byproduct of other diseases that either interfere with the body's ability to produce healthy red blood cells or abnormally increase red blood cell breakdown or loss.

Symptoms include:
⇒ Paleness of skin
⇒ Headache
⇒ Light-headedness

Our product consists of such ingredients which help to overcome the anaemias and the symptoms collectively:
⇒ Iron helps produce hemoglobin
⇒ Folic acid acts as a carbon carrier in heme formation and is helpful in purine and thymidylate synthesis which impairs DNA synthesis which is important in RBC formation
⇒ Vitamin B12 for proliferation during the differentiation of erythroblasts
⇒ Zinc in the form of zinc-transferrin complex interacts with the transferrin receptor and stimulates the proliferation of immature red blood cells

Ferric Ammonium Citrate:
Ferric Ammonium Citrate is best-tolerated iron. It replenishes the tissue iron stores. It exerts haematinic action by being an essential constituent of hemoglobin. It is necessary for the oxidative process of living tissues. Ferric salts have not been preferred over ferrous salts as the ferric ion first requires reduction to ferrous form in the intestinal lumen.

Vitamin B12 :
It is a water soluble vitamin; Vitamin B12 exists in several forms and contains the mineral cobalt, so compounds with vitamin B12 activity are collectively called "cobalamins". Vitamin B12 is needed to make red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all parts of your body. Without enough red blood cells, your tissues and organs don't get enough oxygen. Without enough oxygen, your body can't work as well. So, vitamin B12 is essential for life because lack of vitamin B12 is one of the main causes of anemia.

Folic Acid:
Folic acid, also called folate, is another B vitamin. Anemias caused by a lack of folic acid. It helps your body make new cells, including new red blood cells . Your body needs red blood cells to carry oxygen. If there is not enough red blood cells, which can make you feel weak and tired. So it's important to take folic acid.

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate:
Zinc is a trace mineral that is incredibly important for your body. Zinc is often used for boosting the immune system, beside boosting immune system it plays important role in prevention of anemia.
In fact, anemia and zinc intake are closely related. According to research, a lack of zinc can interfere with copper intake and iron intake, which often triggers anemia. The right balance of zinc, iron, copper, and other trace minerals work together to prevent anemia. Zinc in the form of zinc-transferrin complex interacts with the transferrin receptor and stimulates the proliferation of immature red blood cells. That is why it is also important for RBC formation.
It assists in maintaining the proper concentration of vitamin E in the blood. Zinc also plays a role in the regulation of appetite, stress level, taste and smell.


⇒ Helpful to fight fatigue
⇒ Helpful in maintenance of folic acid and iron levels in the body
⇒ Useful in the management of megaloblastic and macrocytic anemia
⇒ Beneficial in Iron deficiency anemia (IDA)
⇒ Helps in the absorption of nutrients from food
⇒ Maintenance of stomach and intestinal health
⇒ Supportive in pernicious anemia

Side Effects:

There are no informed side effects with proper dosage and intake.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

For Pregnancy And Breast Feeding Mothers:Pregnant and lactating mothers should not take any single supplement in higher than normal doses unless recommended by a health care provider for special conditions. The combination should only be used in pregnancy and lactation if benefits outweigh the risk.