Evening Primrose Oil and Natural Vitamin E Soft Gelatin Capsules


Product Composition

This combination is used to treat cyclic mastalgia, it is the condition often occurs in premenstrual women who experience breast pain and tenderness or swelling of the breast before the luteal phase
Vitamin E and primrose oil helps to protect the membrane against harmful effects of the free radicals.


⇒ Acne ⇒ In rheumatoid arthritis ⇒ Psoriasis ⇒ Hot flashes ⇒ Reduces high blood pressure

About Composition:

Vitamin E-
It is fat soluble Vitamin and is also called as beauty vitamin. Vitamin E shows antioxidant properties, protecting cell membranes from oxidative damage. Due to these effects it is used in the treatment of diseases causing bone loss, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and associated comorbidities, eye diseases, inflammatory diseases (including skin conditions), lipid disorders, neurological diseases, and radiation damage.

Evening primrose oil- Gamolenic acid, or gamma-linolenic acid is the essential component of the oil which is a biosynthetic precursor of monoenoic prostaglandins such as PGE1.This exhibits anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, antiproliferative, and lipid-lowering effects. PGE1 binds to G protein coupled surface PGE receptors and prostacyclin receptors as a natural ligand. PGE1 is a potent vasodilator or muscle relaxant.


Vitamin E-
⇒ Vitamin E is absorbed in the enterocytes of the small intestine
⇒ Vitamin E is bound to mainly lipoproteins
⇒ It undergoes Beta oxidation in the liver
⇒ It is excreted via urine and half of the drug through bile

Evening Primrose Oil:
⇒ Gamolenic acid in evening primrose oil is converted to dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid by the enzyme elongase
⇒ It is excreted in urine

Side Effects:

⇒ Nausea
⇒ Tired feeling
⇒ Headache
⇒ Mild rash


⇒ Contraindicated in people with low level of vitamin K
⇒ Contraindicated In people with bleeding disorder