Evening Primrose Oil Soft Gelatin Capsule


Product Composition

Evening Primrose Oil is the oil derived from the seeds of the evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) plant.Evening primrose oil benefits our health in many different ways thanks to its rich omega 6 content.
The oil pressed from the seeds of the evening primrose plant is rich in a specific omega 6 fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is thought to offer anti-inflammatory benefits for the heart and brain. While beneficial for both men and women, the oil is popularly taken by women to stabilize hormonal imbalances.
EPO is thought to help a wide variety of conditions including eczema, nerve pain, hair loss, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.


⇒ Hormones imbalance
⇒ Labor
⇒ Fertility
⇒ Acne
⇒ Hair loss
⇒ Skin health
⇒ Rheumatoid arthritis
⇒ Osteoporosis

About Product:

The evening primrose plant grows wild in North America and blooms bright yellow flowers in the evening, hence its name. The oil pressed from the seeds is one of the richest natural sources of an omega-6 fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is responsible for the oil's health benefits. Traditionally, evening primrose oil (EPO) was referred to as the 'King's cure-all' due to its many healing properties.
The body converts the GLA in evening primrose oil into hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which offer anti-inflammatory benefits and help to regulate hormones in the pituitary gland. GLA is also essential for cell structure, nerve function and the elasticity of the skin.
GLA is essential for the maintenance of good health but the body can't make it, so it needs to be consumed through the diet. Several factors can interfere with the conversion process, such as the ageing process, alcoholism, poor nutrition, and health problems.
  EPO is used mostly to relieve the itchiness caused by skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis and also in hair loss. It is also used to ease breast tenderness from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or other causes, and to help manage menopausal symptoms. EPO is also beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.
Benefits of Evening Primrose oil:

⇒ Hormones:
Women around the world take evening primrose oil to treat symptoms of PMS because of its essential fatty acid content. Getting enough omega-6 fatty acids, such as GLA and LA, has been shown support overall hormonal function within the body, reduce PMS symptoms, create a healthy environment for conception, and help you to lose weight and produce balanced hormones.

⇒ Labor:
The omega-6 fatty acids that are found in evening primrose oil are necessary for the production and synthesis of prostaglandin E. Prostaglandins help to control the regulation of hormones and manage proper cell growth. Women can use evening primrose oil to prepare the cervix for labor.

⇒ Fertility:
An omega-3 fatty acid, GLA, has been shown to increase the production of cervical mucus, a factor in successful reproduction. Cervical fluid is vital for allowing the sperm to swim freely through cervix.

⇒ Acne:
In order to treat hormonal acne, you need to tackle the root of the problem-the hormonal imbalance. No topical treatment will do that for you; it will only treat the already existing pimples or scars. The omega-6 fatty acids that are present in evening primrose oil are what help you to regulate your hormone levels and cure your hormonal acne issues. These fatty acids also play a role in cell structure, improving nerve function and promoting skin elasticity.

⇒ Hair loss:
When it comes to hair, hormones play a significant role. The cause of hair loss in men is due to the hair follicles sensitivity to a hormone called DHT (5α-Dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a male androgen hormone that causes follicles to shrink, resulting in a shorter lifespan and decrease in hair production. Female hair loss is generally due to high levels of stress, a hormone imbalance, thyroid conditions or toxic exposure. Essential omega-6 fatty, GLA, which comes from consuming capsules of evening primrose oil, can be highly effective in the fight against hair loss.

⇒ Skin Health:
Evening primrose oil has proven to be a valuable treatment choice for people suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Studies have even shown that evening primrose oil can help with age-related structural and functional changes in skin tissues, such as redness, firmness, roughness and fatigue resistance.

⇒ Rheumatoid arthritis:
The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is a combination of genetic, environmental and hormonal factors. Some studies have showed that people with rheumatoid arthritis feel better after taking evening primrose oil, including one that found that 94% of participants who got EPO reported a significant improvement of disease-related symptoms, including pain and morning stiffness.

⇒ Osteoarthritis:
One major cause of osteoporosis is a hormonal imbalance. Evening primrose oil can regulates these hormonal issues. Taking EPO, along with fish oil and calcium, seems to decrease bone loss and increase bone density in elderly people with osteoporosis.

Side Effects

⇒ EPO is generally safe when used in recommended dosages. Reported side effects are rare and mild, and include nausea, stomach pain, and headache. Stomach pain and loose stools may mean that the dose is too high.
⇒ DO NOT use omega-6 supplements, including GLA and EPO, if you have epilepsy or another seizure disorder because there have been reports of these supplements bringing on seizures.
⇒ DO NOT take EPO if you have bleeding problems or a blood disorder.
⇒ Pregnant and breastfeeding women should ask their doctors before taking EPO.


Store in a cool, dry place.