D-Chiro-Inositol, N-Aectyl- L-Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium Carbonate Capsule


Product Composition

Polycystic ovary disorder is women is the main cause of the cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
As in PCOD the higher level of insulin causes ovary to make more androgens this causes more body hairs, acne and irregular periods.
This combination reduces insulin resistance in patients with metabolic syndrome.


⇒ In polycystic ovarian disorder
⇒ Anxiety
⇒ Diabetes
⇒ Lowers high cholesterol
⇒ Panic disorder

About Composition:

Polycystic ovary disorder is the main cause of the infertility at the reproductive age of women due to menstrual dysfunction.
D-chiro-inositol improves the insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism and induces ovulation in the PCOD.

It increases the cellular level of antioxidant and reduces the glutathione.
It increases the circulating level of insulin and insulin sensitivity in hyperinsulinemia women suffering with PCOS.

Alpha Lipoic Acid-
⇒ Alpha lipoic acid is the omega 3 fatty acid is obtained from the potatoes, broccoli etc and is act as natural antioxidant.
⇒ It is very effective in weight loss, treating diabetic pain, healing bounds, lowering blood sugar by controlling the level of glucose.

Vitamin C-
Higher level of Vitamin C supplementation increases the chances of pregnancy with low level of progesterone and hormonal imbalances.

Calcium Carbonate–
⇒ Daily supplementation with calcium carbonate improves BMI because in PCOD there is loss of body weight.
⇒ Also, it causes improvement in menstrual abnormalities.

As PCOD leads to deficiency of DHA because of the chronic inflammation so consumption of Fish oil helps to treat this deficiency and reduces insulin resistance.

Side Effects:

⇒ Stomach pain
⇒ Tiredness
⇒ Headache
⇒ Dizziness
⇒ Nausea

Drug Interactions:

⇒ Abacavir
⇒ Acarbose
⇒ Aceclofenac
⇒ Acemetacin