Collagen and Rosehip Extract Sachet


Product Composition

This combination of rose hip extract and collagen is used in combination to treat the chronic osteoarthritis, Rose hip extract contains the anthocyanins which reduces the joint inflammation and prevent the damage of joint whereas collagen gives the strength to bones and joints.


⇒ Increase mobility
⇒ Useful in rheumatoid arthritis
⇒ Treats osteoarthritis
⇒ Supports the regeneration of joint cells

About Composition:

⇒ Collagen is mainly present in the connective tissue and skin
⇒ Collagen peptides the important source of proteins and maintains the health of bones and joints or promote the beautiful skin
⇒ It contains about of total 30% protein.
⇒ It provides elasticity and keep it hydrated, slows down the ageing process

Rose Hip Extract-
⇒ Rose hip is obtained from rose flower. It is the portion of the rose flower just below the petals. It contains the seeds of the rose plant
⇒ Rose hip contains a large amount of vitamin C, it used in the treatment of flu, and in scurvy.
⇒ Rose hip extract aids in the production of collagen because of its antioxidant property

Side Effects:

⇒ Constipation
⇒ Diarrhoea
⇒ Heartburn
⇒ Allergic reactions


Contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding.