Calcium Asparto Glycinate & Vitamin D3 Tablets


Product Composition

The formula includes calcium asparto glycinate and vitamin D3 which has been carefully designed to support optimal functioning of a variety of important body tissues, making it both a bone formula and ideal supplement for muscles, nerves, and all connective tissues. This is one of the most convenient forms of supplementing diet with the essential nutrients like Calcium which provides nutritive support for healthy bones and teeth in combination with vitamin D3 to help maximize calcium absorption.

People who have weak and brittle bones, and are prone to frequent fractures may consume these supplements. Also, people who do not consume enough calcium in their diet due to their busy lifestyle should go for these supplements to fulfill the nutritional gap in their diet. The majority of calcium is present in the bones and teeth. This mineral also forms a major part of the muscles, blood and other tissues. Therefore, it is important that you start focus on supplemental calcium at the right age. Women start losing calcium from their body after the age of 25; therefore they are more prone to calcium-related bone disorders, like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is the reduction of bone density. It is a loss of bone mass resulting in fragile bones and increased risk of fractures. Osteoporosis can lead to loss of height, stooped posture, humpback and severe pain. It can affect both men and women; however women are at higher risk, especially after menopause.

Calcium has been shown to have beneficial effects on bone mass at all ages, although the results are not always consistent. Throughout the life cycle the skeleton requires optimum development and maintenance of its integrity to prevent fracture. Bones break because the loads placed on them exceed the ability of the bone to absorb the energy involved. Calcium is an essential mineral for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Adequate calcium as part of a healthy diet and physical activity may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life. Women lose a large percentage of their bone mass during menopause; therefore adequate calcium intake is essential. Calcium glycinate is the most bioavailable and soluble form of supplemental calcium. Vitamin D3 is required for optimal absorption of calcium.

The bone and teeth account for 99% of the calcium in the body in the form of hydroxyapatite. Calcium is also present in blood, extracellular fluid, muscles, and other tissues. It is essential for nerve transmission, muscle contraction, vascular contraction, vasodilation, glandular secretion, cell membrane and capillary permeability, enzyme reactions, respiration, renal function, and blood coagulation. It also plays a role in neurotransmitter and hormone release and storage, uptake and binding of amino acids, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) absorption, and gastrin secretion. Calcium in bone is a reserve source of calcium that can be mobilized to maintain extracellular calcium concentrations. Vitamin D enhances the efficiency of the intestinal absorption of calcium, primarily in the duodenum and jejunum, and phosphorus, particularly in the jejunum and ileum.

Calcium (As Calcium Asparto Glycinate):
Chelated calcium such as calcium asparto glycinate, is easily absorbed version of calcium. This form of calcium with vitamin D3 is used to create energy, as well as calcium. Calcium as a mineral, it is difficult for our bodies to absorb so the chelated form of calcium is Calcium glycinate the most bioavailable and most soluble form of supplemental calcium. It is 180% better absorbed than calcium citrate and 21% better absorbed than calcium citrate-malate.
Benefits of Calcium asparto-glycinate include: Enabling muscles, including the heart, to contract, and is necessary for normal blood clotting, proper nerve transmission and connective tissue maintenance. It helps regulate blood pressure, and may reduce the risk of heart disease. Calcium is one of the most important minerals and is essential for building and maintaining healthy bones. Calcium is also essential for proper functioning of the brain, heart and muscles. Calcium plays an important role in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, fat absorption, gum disease and insomnia. Women lose an average of 15% of their bone mass during menopause, therefore calcium supplementation is essential.

Calcium is a primary mineral for building the strong structure of bones and teeth.

Vitamin D3:

Vitamin D3, also known as the sunshine vitamin, can be produced in the body with mild sun exposure or consumed in food or supplements. Vitamin D is very important for strong bones. Calcium and phosphorus are essential for developing the structure and strength of bones and vitamin D absorb these minerals. Even foods that contain a lot of calcium and phosphorus, without enough vitamin D, can't absorb them in the body. Vitamin D is important for general good health, and researchers now are discovering that vitamin D may be important for many other reasons outside of good bone health. Called the "sunshine vitamin," vitamin D is vital to strong bones and teeth and a healthy immune system some of the functions are:

⇒ Most vital are regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, and facilitating normal immune system function and brain development
⇒ Muscle function and cardiovascular function, for a healthy heart and circulation
⇒ Respiratory system - for healthy lungs and airways


⇒ Joint and Muscle keeping strength and elasticity, supporting recovery from wear and tear damage or injuries
⇒ Cartilage supporting repair and fluids for cushion and elasticity
⇒ Supports health of bones, muscles, nerves and connective tissues
⇒ Useful in joint pain
⇒ Maintain flexibility
⇒ Increase muscle power
⇒ Increase elasticity of the joint
⇒ Maintain integrity of the joints
⇒ Maintain calcium level in body
⇒ Added vitamin D3 assists calcium absorption to enhance benefits for bone health

Side Effects:

The product is POSSIBLY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth.There is no disadvantage associated with the product if taken under the recommended usage.

Special Precautions & Breast-Feeding:

For Pregnancy and Lactation: The combination should only be used in pregnancy and lactation if benefits outweigh the risks. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not take any single supplement in higher-than-normal doses unless recommended by a health-care provider for a special condition. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.


Store in a cool, dry & dark place. Protected from direct sunlight.