Vitamin B Complex and Minerals Capsule


Product Composition

Vitamins B complex and minerals are used together in combination to overcome certain illness occurs due to pregnancy. They serve as the building block and keep the body in good health.
This combination improves overall micronutrient uptake and prevent certain deficiencies


⇒ Treats Vitamin deficiencies
⇒ provide energy
⇒ Improves mental health
⇒ Growth of red blood cells
⇒ Stimulates appetite
⇒ Aids digestion
⇒ Improves cardiovascular health

About Composition:

Vitamin B complex:
⇒ It plays an important role in maintaining overall health of the body. these vitamins help in the development of the foetal brain and decreases the number of birth defects
⇒ It helps to provide strength and increases the muscle mass

⇒ Minerals are the essential for body. minerals are required for maintenance of strong bones and teeth
⇒ Provides energy to the body
⇒ Control the body fluids.

Side Effects:

⇒ Blurring of vision
⇒ Excessive thirst
⇒ Nausea
⇒ Abdominal cramps
⇒ Increased urination
⇒ Diarrhea


⇒ Kidney ailments
⇒ Rheumatoid disease
⇒ Ulcerative Colitis
⇒ Inflammatory Bowel disease
⇒ Alcohol dependence

Drug Interactions:

⇒ Antibiotics
⇒ Anti-seizure medication