L-Arginine Sachet


Product Composition

L-Arginine Sachet provides benefit for cardiovascular health; improve immune system, burn recovery, wound healing. It also aids in detoxification of the body, as pregnancy supplement, erectile dysfunction.
L-Arginine is an alpha amino acid. It is a non essential amino acid; means that it is manufactured by body itself. It plays a key role in modulating host defenses and cellular immunity.
It is necessary for the production of protein and also helps the body get rid from waste product and stimulate the release of insulin.

Health Benefits:

Pregnancy Supplement: Arginine improves the health and growth of the fetus in pregnant women with pre- eclampsia.
Improve Cardiovascular Health: L-Arginine is often used to reduce the symptoms of CHF, coronary disease and chest pain associated with angina.
Enhance Sexual Health:L-Arginine may help improve sexual wellness; particularly it helps with erectile dysfunction. Improves the sperm account in males. This is primarily because it helps dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow.
Improve Body's Ability to Heal Wounds: L-Arginine is known to improve the body's ability to heal the wounds which reduces the chances of the infection especially for those who are suffering from certain disease.
Detoxify the Body: L-Arginine detoxify the body by eliminating excess of the waste product.

Mechanism of Action:

⇒ L-Arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide (NO).
⇒ Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improving blood flow.
⇒ L-Arginine also acts as antioxidant and scavenges superoxide anions and hydrogen peroxide, two dangerous free radicals.
⇒ Nitric oxide protects the heart and blood vessels from free radical damage and plaque formation.
⇒ It also stimulates the release of growth hormone.

Side Effects:

⇒ High dose of L-Arginine can increase stomach acid and causes heart burn, ulcers
⇒ Abdominal pain
⇒ Blotting
⇒ Diarrhea
⇒ Itching

Drug Interactions:

L-Arginine may show interaction with:
Anti-hypertensive: L-Arginine seems to reduce the blood pressure. If this is used along with antihypertensive drugs, may cause blood pressure too low.
Nitrates: Both Nitrates and L-Arginine works by causing vasodilation. This may cause increase blood flow leading to chances of dizziness.
Sildenafil(Viagra): Used to treat erectile dysfunction lowers the blood pressure and l-Arginine also lowers the B.P.