Ginseng and Multivitamin Capsule


Product Composition

. This combination of the ginseng and multivitamins boosts immune system.
. ginseng enhances the activity of the Vitamin C which helps in improving the immune system and can be used as immune tonic.


⇒ In respiratory infections
⇒ Attention deficit - hyperactive disorder
⇒ Memory loss
⇒ Anemia
⇒ Bleeding disorders
⇒ Digestive disorders

About Composition:

⇒ Ginseng is the natural herb. it is used to lower the blood sugar level in patients of type-2 diabetes mellitus.
⇒ It also improves the athletic performance

⇒ Multivitamins provides the essential vitamins which is not provided by the diet. it is used to treat the deficiencies of vitamins that is caused by the any illness, due to poor diet, pregnancy and some digestive disorders

Side Effects:

⇒ Upset stomach
⇒ Headache
⇒ Unpleasant taste of the mouth
⇒ Vomiting
⇒ Diarrhea
⇒ Insomnia
⇒ Rapid heart beat
⇒ Breast tenderness

Drug Interactions:

⇒ Warfarin
⇒ Antidepressants
⇒ Immunosuppressants


⇒ Do not use if you allergic to this medication
⇒ Ask your doctor if you planning to become pregnant